Places to Visit: Courtenay | Comox | Cumberland | Royston | Black Creek | Parksville/Qualicum

Parksville & Qualicum Tour Locations

Little Qualicum Cheese Works
Follow the cheese making process from the pasture to the barn, from the milking parlor to the making of the cheese itself. You can taste Qualicum Cheeseworks delicious award winning cheeses in the charming store attached to this historical farm.

Wild Culture Artisan Bakery
This unique bakery offers wonderful artisan bread prepared in the purest tradition. It is located in what was once the horse barn on the family property. They offer their artisan breads and others delicious baking creations  everyday of the week from noon to 6:00 pm and Saturday at the Qualicum Farmers’ Market

Mooberry Winery
One of the newest wineries on Vancouver Island, Mooberry is located on Morning Star Creek Farm. This winery specializes in using local berries in their wine making.  On this tour we’ll visit the tasting room and sample the winery’s signature blackberry wine!

Island Scallops
The Pacific scallop cultured by Island Scallops is exceptionally large and succulent with counts per pound typically ranging from 8-25. Since the scallops are grown suspended in the clean, rich waters of remote areas along British Columbia's coast, a consistently high quality is guaranteed. Both live whole scallops and fresh-shucked meats are available.

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