Your Culinary Tour Guide, Gaëtane Palardy

A distinguished chef and educator, Gaëtane Palardy will guide your group. Her knowledge of fine food, delight in conversation and passion for teaching make her an engaging guide.

Gaëtane says she can’t remember a time when she wasn’t interested in food. “Even going back into my earliest memories, I recall this connection with food,” she reminisces. “Watching my mother cook, bake, preserve, and entertain inspired me. Adding to my enjoyment and curiosity, our family was devoted to growing and harvesting their own food. As an adult, experiencing different cultures through travel and mentoring young chefs has defined my passion for cooking, eating, tasting and experimenting with food. The Comox valley is the perfect place to indulge this passion”

Touring food producers—both foreign and local with a focus on sustainable practices—has become Gaëtane’s main passion. She’s passionate about giving tours because she says, “I take great pleasure in sharing with visitors and local people my enthusiasm for adventure and culinary delights found in the Comox Valley.”

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